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We have a great selection of chicken food, we sell our own great value brand of chicken food as well as organic chicken food. Available in-store and online.

Chicken Feed

Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder

Feathers and Beaky Vegetable Holder This inovative design will keep your chickens happy and healthy. Bordom …

Heygate Chick Crumb 20kg

Heygates Chick Crumb 20kg Baby Chick Crumbs 19% Protein Baby Chick Crumbs is a high protein product for ch…

Organic Mixed Corn 20kg

Organic Mixed Corn A nutritious mixed corn treat made from organic wheat and maize. Protein 8.5%. Oil 2.8%…

Oyster Shell Coarse 3kg

Oyster Shell Fine 3kg Natural crushed oyster shell. Ideal source of calcium for use in bird cages. aviaries.…

Widmer Layers Pellets 20kg

Widmer Layers Pellets Complete feeding stuff for free range laying poultry. Feed as necessary. Clean fresh w…

Widmer Mixed Corn 20kg

Widmer Mixed Corn 20kgs Complimentary feeding stuff for domestic poultry. Contains wheat and cut maize. Bu…

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